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    WHOLESALEFor Wholesale or Dealer inquires regarding Smoke Grenades in Canada, please contact us.

    First-time purchasers will be asked to provide proof of business establishment (e.g. Business Licence or Articles of Incorporation), as well as evidence of current business operation (such as your website or a current photo of your store or field).

    For Wholesale Smoke Grenade inquiries in the US, UK and Europe, please contact Enola Gaye Worldwide

    For Wholesale inquiries regarding Fireworks, please contact Rocket.ca. Options range from straight purchasing of Wholesale Fireworks to turn-key Dealer licencing agreements for temporary Fireworks sales during holiday periods..

    Our Fireworks Dealer Licencing Program is a fantastic way to generate extra revenue and attention to your Store or Field! By becoming an official Rocket.ca partner, you will receive superior Wholesale rates, as well as incentives such as free advertising and guaranteed sale of stock (return of unsold inventory). Please contact us for more info!